it’s foolish but it’s fun lyrics – nana mouskouri

i love to climb an apple tree
though apples green are bad for me
and i’ ll be sick as i can be
it’ s foolish but it’ s fun

when thunderstorms put folks to rout
and no one dares to venture out
that’ s when i love to slush about
it’ s foolish but it’ s fun

if i should ever come to p*ss
that i inherit wealth
i’ ll eat and drink and keep at it
until i wreck my health

i’ll never see the morning light
i’ ll sleep all day and dance all night
and though i know it isn’t right
it’ s foolish but it’ s fun

lots of people disagree with me
and possibly, i’ m wrong
but i gathered my philosophy
from the moods of a silly song
yes, possibly i’ m wrong
quite probably i’ m wrong
but even if i’ m wrong

repeat 1-2-3-4-4

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