it’s over lyrics – ghostface killah

[intro: ghostface killah]
yo… aiyo this joint right here is about
when you goin’ through mad sh*t
and it just seem like you get out of it, nowhere and sh*t
you thinkin’ you puttin’ your sh*t in and you thinkin’
you gettin’ over, and doin’ all this other sh*t
but before you know it, your whole world just caved in on you, pa
check the joint, it’s… uh-huh, yeah, i walked into the place
verse one…

[chorus: david poter sample]
over, and then my life (the masquerade)
i know it’s over… (the masquerade)
uh-oh, over (over) my my my good day is over
(over) the masquerade is over (over)
uh-oh-oh, it’s over… (over)

[ghostface killah]
aiyo, back in ’95 when i was jugglin’ b*tches
pumpin’ c*ke out the spot, smackin’ fiends in the kitchen
all around d*ck sucks whenever, blowin’ chronic out of philly’s
gettin’ fl*sty in the cub’ link era
n*gg*s tellin’ me my spot is hot
they like i think any day now, playboy, sh*t gon’ pop
back then i was the phat ghost, them came march 1st
my eighth platoon got murked, got burnt for all our work
after the funeral, i played low, countin’ my last ten g’s
three weeks later, yo, i’m back in the p’s
gatherin’ up information, checkin’ faces
keepin’ a forty-five auto’ loaded like it was bases
when it get dark, venom will leave my mark (over)
i heard a voice through a bullh*rn, a white man he said “yo, starks!
you’re surrounded, put down your gun, look at the rules
there’s nothin’ but cops, n*gg*, you better not run”


[interlude: ghostface killah (during chorus)]
yeah… you see how that went right?
that episode got deep and all of that
knawhatimean? then it just go on and
it just don’t stop… i don’t care what town you from
what hood you from, it just all goes in, yo, check this episode
verse two

[ghostface killah]
aiyo, aiyo, 11: 40 a.m. in the best western
i’m with my bat, blew her *ss back and chest in
slob my kn*b, yeah no question, this my main bat
she thorough like that, so we don’t use protection
but the night before, my wiz must of check my phone
how the f*ck she get the codes… i don’t know
next thing, she layin’ in the ‘tel lobby, spotted me
tippin’ the doorman, holdin’ hands with my b*tch besides me
my heart drop, everything stops, scared to death
told my broad to keep it moving, cuz i just got knocked
don’t turn around, as soon she did, she bust a shot
plus she talk, security drop when she touch the glock
i had the gum-face on, long face on
didn’t say sh*t, not even cough or spit, my b*tch was gone
there goes the car, house, rhyme boats or jewelry
court date judges, my shorty tried to screw me

[chorus 2x]

[interlude w/ chorus: ghostface killah]
uh… you see, sometime it don’t pay
what goes around comes around in
in many different ways and
you can guess what happened
that’s right ya’ll, you know how it get down
if anybody got it locked, it’s god, that’s right

[outro: solomon childs (ghostface killah)]
hey kimmy, how you doing? what up keisha
d*mn girl, your hair looks so nice
yeah, i got my sh*t done at tasha’s
you know i don’t even f*ck with that b*tch
yo, son, i think ghost f*ckin’ one of them b*tches, man
and can you believe this son told them b*tches that he can cook, man
yo, i can’t believe this, these b*tches don’t know where to f*ckin’
put a salon up in the f*ckin’ hood, son i can’t even make no money no more, man
(yo, son… maybe you need to tell them b*tches that
if they could put a ms. pac-man or somethin’ in the back
maybe we could get some money back, maybe we could get some money back there)
son, you know i don’t even f*ck with them b*tches like that, nig’, come on, man
[“come on sugar, hold me tight” … – sample]

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