it’s the beat lyrics – deliverance

it’s the beat
they say is satanic, ha ha ha
it’s the beat
that causes the flesh to give in
it’s the beat
you ignorant fool,
study the first
eight chapters of romans
it’s the beat
don’t give me your opinion,
show me a chapter a verse

adam sinned before a drum,
used by man that was created
read the genesis account,
learn from your ignorance
the church of satan holds
rituals to the cl*ssic
works you lift as holy
wagner and rachmaninov in
complete contradiction

old bar song’s now made to hymns,
you cl*ssify as blessed by god
but several hundred years ago,
you called them evil,
but who was wrong

why don’t you just tell me what beat,
did eve first sin to
and to which did adam disobey?

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