it’s what i am lyrics – john michael montgomery

i got my first guitar when i was just a boy
i was playing the blues instead of playing with toys
listening to the opry and daydreaming of those neon lights
so it was late to bed and early to rise
i worked the field all day and the crowd all night
my finger on the trigger and nashville in my sights
i’m the real thing and i sing songs about real life
and i never heard a fiddle called a violin
never really worried if i fit in
country ain’t what i sing it’s what i am
this hat ain’t something i wear for style
and these boots have been around a while
country ain’t what i sing it’s what i am
i learned to drive on a red dirt road
cruised the strip on rock and roll
and drove around on “miles and miles of texas”
and as i grew daddy showed me how
to earn a living by the sweat of my brow
but he never made me follow in his steps
he said work hard and let the good lord do the rest
repeat chorus

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