i’ve come to rule lyrics – construcdead

across the river styx, into the shadow lands
my path has taken me, so here i stand.
the ground is soiled with blood, the wind wails
together with the d*mned descended from their graves.
i stare into the dark, i see the burning eyes
of all the demons who tormented me in life,
but that’s al over now. i see much clearer now,
for i no longer serve.

for i have come to rule where your god can’t see.
i shall be legion so, so h*ll-walk with me.

demons, gather round me. hear me azazel. guide my steps as i walk through h*ll.
ascending steps of bone i see a giant throne with screaming, tortured souls embedded
in the stone. my minions follow me, their overlord to be. my wish is their command


god since long dead, satan’s dethrones. the power over you is mine alone.
there shan’t be no second coming now. you see the only thing that remains is your demise.

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