janitor lyrics – corky & the juice pigs

he lives down by the furnace,
janitor, janitor,
and he makes the young kids nervous,
janitor, janitor,
he tells everybody to call him tony,
but he smells like oil and his *ss is bony,
janitor, janitor.

he’s got a lot of charms,
janitor, janitor,
like the prision tattoos on his arms,
janitor, janitor,
he cleans the bathrooms and tells dirty jokes,
he dresses like a woman and rolls his own smokes,
he’s the janitor, janitor,

-hi neal
~hi neal
-how you doin
-wow, you know, uh, i was at school early today and i heard you
callin out and i noticed the janitor was with you
~yeah, i was in the gym, at school
~and there was the janitor was there
~and i was, well, i went in, you know, early to work on my volleyball spike
for the big tryout
-oh boy
~yeah i was spiking away there and the janitor was waxing the floor with
that big buffomatic 2000
-its the 3000 now
~oh boy, i should read
~anyway i was, you know, spiking, he was waxing, i was spiking, he was
~and i, inevitably, hit him with the ball and oohh, he was mad
and he came over and said “hey, you stupid kid”
he’s not very articulate
~”hey, you stupid kid, whats the big idea hitting me with the ball?”
and i said “hey, im just working on my spike.”
he said “oh yeah, ill show you how to spike!”
and he took the buffer and covered me with wax and he buffed me
really, really hard until my clothes desintigrated and my flesh was both
waxy, shiny, and firm!
-oh how’s your spike?
~its improved.

you don’t wanta be like him,
janitor, janitor,
mastrubating while cleaning the gym,
janitor, janitor,
it must be a really nice life,
cleaning your nales with a hunting knife,
being stained yellow the rest of your life!
janitor, janitor.

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