jealous lyrics – kool keith

i used to be at mars with flex; now everything changed
he was the only one in the room djing – empty room
he was cool back then, used to talk to n*gg*z
now he can’t say hi on the street, big boy
i knew angie martinez – 12 o’clock midnight n*body listened to her show
now she wanna rap

[kool keith]
yeah, all the motherf*ckers are jealous of each other
all that click sh*t is bullsh*t
everybody mad, cause this guy got the record before this guy
this guy don’t play this guy
because this guy got the record before that guy
dj, this is bigger than dj that – and all that bullsh*t
n*gg*z – actin like they don’t see a motherf*cker
turnin they heads the other way, that’s some ol’ b*tch-*ss sh*t

i can’t f*ck with them mixtape n*gg*z
a lot of them new york dj’s are jealous
i don’t give a f*ck about funkmaster flex
he don’t give a f*ck about me
they ain’t playin my sh*t on mtv, a bunch of wack n*gg*z kissin *ss
same commercial mc’s, you ever notice n*gg*z look at your feet first?
envious f*ggots are worse – f*ck the 106 park sh*t
i’m on some dark sh*t, n*gg*z are plastic
tec-9 blast through your avirex fabric
what’s the f*ck up with mister cee and mr. magic?
steve smith, gon’ still act like b*st*rd
a lot of n*gg*z need to see some cables and rope
tied in bas*m*nt with new york police department smellin gunsmoke
act like you don’t see me, turn your f*ckin face backwards
a decade of jealousy
what the f*ck y’all tellin me?
don’t act like you don’t remember me
you used to b*mp my sh*t in mars
now you on some trim goatee sh*t like el debarge
f*ck the tunnel tonight and that petty sh*t at the garage
and jimmy’s cafe sh*t, i ain’t on n*body’s d*ck
i remember when bet wasn’t sh*t!
after a certain time on that channel, owned by white people
f*ck y’all night people
suckin *ss ain’t my forte, you f*ckin with the right people
is stretch b*mpin my sh*t?
do i have to pay n*gg*z with envelopes and a bottle of cris’?
f*ck a rolex, i got the same sh*t you got on my wrist
all that jealousy sh*t is mayonnaise and celery sh*t
y’all hated down south and west coast rappers one time
now everybody that was frontin is now slurpin they d*ck
inhalin like menthols and vicks
most of y’all can’t stand to see a n*gg* shine with jewelry and kicks
bad b*tches and chicks, stop hatin each other
motherf*ckers this is the “jealousy” remix (hot 97, remix!)

jealousy, jealous motherf*ckers
jealous motherf*ckers (w-b-l-s)
y’all jealous of each other, jealous of each other
jealous of each other (92.3 the beat)
jealous motherf*ckers
jealous motherf*ckers! y’all some jealous motherf*ckers
jealous motherf*ckers

now i used to know, bambaataa used to play everybody’s sh*t
i ain’t think even kool herc came out with some ol’ bullsh*t like that
when all the dj’s, back in the days, them n*gg*z stuck to-f*ckin-gether
you see, theodore, didn’t mind, mean gene, on his set
now these new motherf*ckers, are like, on some new futuristic sh*t
but i’ma give y’all some 2003 sh*t to work with, for a little bit

jealous motherf*ckers – jealous of each other
jealous. motherf*ckers

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