jesus is coming lyrics – degarmo & key

driving down the highway
thinking about a friend
thinking about the world
& the mess that we are in
ran into a stranger
offered him a ride
he said thanks alot friend
& then he jumped inside
i turned on the radio
heard a preacher say
jesus christ is coming back
& it just might be today

& he said
jesus is coming, jesus is coming
coming back soon

turned on the headlights
pushed on the gears
said give me some warning
when your stop is near
i looked at the roadmap
looked at the signs
turned off the radio
turned off my mind
then i heard him say it
i couldn’t believe my ears
& when i turned to look at him
the stranger disappeared

i’ve heard all the stories
heard them all for years
never thought i’d entertain
an angel unaware
i should of understood it
scripture makes it clear
that any stranger that you meet
could up and disappear

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