juice lyrics – drake

yeh, ah . . . ah
boi-1da! . drizzy!

yall don’t really like me
i can understand
my flow is sitting right inside da pocket on my pants
i’m still fly, you can’t float
run this sh*t, usain bolt
i write your favorite records, aah, you sing ghost
20 thousand for a verse, is our routine quote
i’m getting rich, aah, you staying broke
chilling if even if i’m in a goose down coat
i cant see you through the mosley tribes
so i don’t even flinch when you throw me high fives
they try to measure up, but there’s no one my size
whatever 40 smokin bout to low my eyes
beast mode on them, i never take a night off
every single thing a n*gg* purchase is a write-off
grounded as the one way pavement am taking flight off
baby go ahead and cut the light off
cuz it’s about to go.

beat plays

i hear my phone ringing when ya call
i aint picking up or entertaining them at all
got your girl face down, banging on the wall
while you and all your homeboys hang at lenox mall
mmm, mmm, mmm
i cannot relate
riding with some tags that a got from out-of-state
riding with a swag that a got from outer sp*ce
just show me who’s the hottest imma knock him out his place
call me homicide drizzy, about to kill your ego
i’m about ma green, puffin goody like i�m celo
you can go and take a glance at your hero
while the houston ship a pole dancing zero
fantasy to you, reality to me
and yeah ma g-p*ss is as valid as can be
i’m, i’m so fresh, a stylist would agree
waving at your girl
while she’s smiling back at me like.

beat plays

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