jumping at shadows lyrics – benediction

it had to be done!
conspiring web, killing me, the end.
let me haunt you, a chilling tale.
street cracks feed. spilt blood bleeds.
perhaps we=b9ll meet someday, when i get blown away.
bringing forth the light, evil at twilight.
bl**dy family.
darkened death.
an absolute, depravity
if a weak linkage found, eliminate.
hear the cities fearful roar. =
*=b3h*llo from the gutters of the city, filled with vomit, stale wine, =
urine and blood. greetings from the roaches that feed upon the blood =
of all my victims. i appreciate your interest in me, but now now i =
asked… what of your children?=b2*
out to silence me.
bloodied family.
now i sleep.
the city weeps.
(=b3*=b2 taken from letters sent by david berkowitz, the son of sam)

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