junk lyrics – beatles

well i know that times are tough and it’s hard to keep quitting,
but you gotta get yourself together, it’s true.
you try to disguise it but we can all see it
although you might think that n*body knew.

it’s become everything, you can’t stop it.
you’re strung out on that sh*t.

(pick it up!)
you gotta do this on your own, there won’t be an intervention.
you gotta make up your mind soon to let it all go,
you’re a slave to the drug although you can’t recognize it.
while you’re getting so high you’ll end up sinking so low.

is all your integrity gone?

now you’re lying in the gutter and your life is going nowhere
and you haven’t got a thought or a clue what to do.
many have tried only to meet with their demise, yeah
the solution to the problem is never do it at all.

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