just around the eyes lyrics – faith hill

just around the eyes
that’s where you remind me
of someone i left behind me
i’m sorry if i stare
but you must have stirred a memory
and it caught me by surprise
but it was only for a moment
and just around the eyes

something in your touch
took me back a long way
and made me say the wrong name
i wish i could explain
but if i had to tell you
where a small resemblance lies
it’s something in your touch
and just around the eyes
i’m over him completely
i rarely think about him at all
so when i look at you
tell me, what should i do
with the little bit of him that i saw

only when you smiled
you could have bowled me over
a memory out of nowhere
that came and went so fast
don’t tell me i still love him
that has to be a lie
its just something in your touch
and only when you smile
and only for a moment
just around the eyes

take me as i am complete track listing:

*1. take me as i am (dipiero/staley) – 3: 17
*2. wild one (bunch/kyle/rambeaux) – 2: 45
*3. just about now (burr/vezner) – 2: 57
*4. piece of my heart – 4: 01
*5. i’ve got this friend (burch/dant/hill) – 3: 46
*6. life’s too short to love like that (ramos) – 2: 37
*7. but i will (seals/setser/stewart) – 3: 47
*8. just around the eyes (burr) – 3: 07
9. go the distance (bruce/hill/mchugh) – 3: 02
*10. i would be stronger than that (burr) – 4: 48

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