just getting started lyrics – dikta

every story has two sides and somewhere in between
the truth lies and waits for me
and time can be greedy, stealing all the details
that you thought you had

the elephant screams so loud the ceiling cracks
and falls down on your head
and still you just sit there, wipe off all the dust
and say that you‘re sad

„help me to climb this
magic mountain of me
i‘ve had enough of this
i‘ll never be free“

can you please hold my hand
and say this wasn‘t planned
you know i‘ll understand
just tell me how it is

and someday soon you‘ll see
that it was not just me
and nothing comes for free
at least not worth fighting for

like every good story, this one has got
a start, middle, end and an epilogue
but it can be tricky to see who is the villain
and who is the hero

what you need to see is that we are nowhere close
to crossing the finishline
it‘s so far away that it‘s looking like a dot
or maybe a zero

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