kaos lyrics – ease of disgust

chaos can be revealed throughout the existence, within
the ultimate and the least creations
chaos is an element of any ambience, of universe, and of
our world of a man
it exists in absolute nothingness, in nihility, which can
be imagined not with the mind of a human
chaos is multidimensional and simultaneously has no
it contains time and timelessness, sp*ce and it `s
it is the beginning of everything; all being was created
from chaos
all that has exists came out of chaos, it `s and
everything nothing at the same time
chaos is it `s own beginning and it` s own creation,
which creates and destroys in it `s infinite formation
chaos zero is a dimension, which holds all revealed and
unrevealed dimensions within itself
is chaos eternal progress and lawless formation, and
wishes to cosmos bound with it it`s limited forms
the lawlessness of chaos is not chained by the laws of
causality, stability and boundedness of sp*ce structures
evolution is an instrument of chaos to accelerate the
returning of everything into chaos, and stagnation – is a
mean of cosmos to retain everything in it`s bounded
shape, law and structure.

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