keep on lyrics – deez nuts

again and again and again i get tested
feels like the walls are closing in i can’t escape it
it’s everywhere i turn so i can’t run from it
so many things i see make me sick to my stomach
feel comp*ssion and pain look at the world with disdain
but know that i’m part of the problem and it drives me
i see no light at the end of the tunnel
so i take no solace in a bullsh*t empty promise

so what the f*ck am i supposed to do

but live like i got nothing left to lose

again and again and again there’s no end
to the bullsh*t and the drama and the fake f*cking
it’s me against the world i’ve made my peace with that
but fighting through this life alone i find no peace in
day after day i get more disillusioned
with every f*ckin’ person on earth myself included
everybody’s got there demons to battle
i just don’t know how much more of this sh*t i can

i feel the weight of the world and the pressures so
i can feel my heart break every step that i take
but i keep on yeah i gotta be strong,
gotta make my momma proud, i gotta be my father’s son.

i keep on

i keep on

i keep on

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