keepin’ up with the jonesin’ lyrics – jamey johnson

[** with george jones:]

lord, i quit the drinkin’, the smokin’ an’ the honky-tonk life*
the day that a ring an’ a preacher made her my wife.
yeah, an’ i said: “i do,” but i didn’t have a clue,
how i’d miss all the whiskey an’ women.
i tried to be true, but it’s all i can do,
keepin’ up with the jonesin’.

man, this hectic, domestic lifestyle takes a while to adjust.
ah, she don’t seem to remember that old rowdy rambler i was.
’cause she calls up her friends an’ tells them,
how good i been doin’.
but the truth is i’m goin’ out of my mind,
keepin’ up with the jonesin’.

an’ i miss gettin’ high, an’ stayin out all night,
with all my old friends.
an’ i miss the liquor, the bartenders,
the fights, the girls an’ the bands.
it wouldn’t be so d*mned hard,
if i didn’t know what i’m missin’.
she don’t understand, i’m doin’ all that i can,
keepin’ up with the jonesin’.

yeah, tell me what you know about it, possum.

whoa it gets so hard when i know what i’m missin’.
sometimes i give in, start over again,
keepin’ up with the jonesin’.

son, i understand, it’s a h*lluva man,
keepin’ up with the jonesin’.

aw man, thank you mr jones, i sure ‘nough appreciate the ride.
hey is this, this a new tractor.
that a satellite radio, air-conditioning, heater.
oh, a cooler.

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