keeping secrets lyrics – element 101

writing in my diary
right before i go to sleep
trying to collect my thoughts
of which are all in disarray
i write down love and hate and
everything that’s in between
thoughts of incompetence find
their way to routine secrets
concealed between the pages
are the lens through which i see
everytime that i look back
i wish i acted differently
but when i remember then
there is no other way i see
following you follow me
discovering who we will be
i see in you what you see in me
that makes us only the lonely.

i want you to want to know me
i want you to call my name
wish that you would know
there’s more than meets the eye
there’s more to find
i want you to start asking questions
i want you to understand
there’s so many people around
and once again
i’m getting lonely.

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