king of diamonds lyrics – rick ross

king of diamonds

somebody call the brinks truck
the boss back, somebody call the brinks truck

[verse 1:]
i got the baddest b*tches waiting on a n*gg*
i got these p*ssy n*gg*s hating on a n*gg*
since they wanna talk, i went and bought another chain
forty cars, i gotta put em in my momma name
heli-pad on my crib, my money outta here
love my daughter to death, ten karats in her ear
heavy ammunition for you f*ck boys
heavy ammunition for you f*ck boys
i’m getting paid, i put that on my daddy grave
got two hundred thousand in my chevrolet
i’m the king of diamonds, my chain still speaking ebonics
if she selling that p*ssy, bring it to baby, i got it
pop a chicken in that grease and make one into two
all these rides in my yard, my sh*t a carnival
i got a club, here or ‘ye
so show me love, it’s only rozay


[verse 2:]
you gotta separate yourself from f*ck boys
can’t even drop your diamond dish, your *ss so paranoid
i’m floating in my sh*t like i’m in a parade
ho, you better take notice – i spent ten on the paint
waving at these b*tches, and i know these n*gg*s ho-ish
take your b*tch to get limit, pop her in a new lotus
i’m so rich, i mean i’m so rich
if it’s less than ten stacks, to me it’s ho sh*t
it’s time to step your game up
gotta run your credit just to bring my name up
twenty million, n*gg* – look in my face
it’s only one rozay


the boss back, somebody call the brinks truck

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