kissing ass lyrics – dingus

kissing *ss: a skill developed patiently
and yet a necessary trait to get the job
sucking up until lips are chapped and mouth is dry
self-esteem will slow you down

i’d counterfeit to make you happy, you’re so much bolder
i’d force a smile, i’d rub your shoulders
i might just live my life working under some white collared b*st*rd
who’s making twice as much however does much less

i’d stand by lies, and that’s the truth
i’d do what’s wrong if you would say it’s right
i’d bend over, and i’d endure and have it your way

through this injustice, through it all
will i just p*ss and moan
and meanwhile support the very system that is killing me?

it’s only our lives that we’re wasting
we nod and we drool unconscious
becoming the rats that we’re racing
promotions without a purpose
(endeavor forever, we’ll never be better off)

kissing *ss: a skill developed mindlessly
if at first you don’t succeed, try giving head
shining shoes, this caste system is rendering
should i fight or pay the rent?

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