kit and kaboodle lyrics – hash

i saw you on a bed of roses and you were looking good
eyes so fine like lemon and wine, your teeth like burning wood
charly said you knew it, things i guessed arised
a nose of stone like al capone with eyes that would make me upright
then you call my name
no one else can make it rain like you do
your heart embraced me like quicksand and then the games began
i tell you i wanna leave you but you just locked me in
escape from is impossible but i just will my friend

i’ll wrap a rope around my neck and i’ll be happy then
i’m ready to take the last step and jump right off the chair
when i start to realize, there was more out there than you
well then i heard you fellow, started to lose my fall
a slip, a twist, it killed me off, dead and now i’m gone

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