knuckle to far lyrics – james

slow down, my brother, your life is p*ssing fast
will you remember all these scenes that you’ve p*ssed
so long, so long

speeding past sunset, blurring from town to town
faces i forget, hotels all look the same
worn down the knuckle too far
so long, so long

lost are your colors, now life’s in black and white
steals from a movie, this life’s a trick of the light
worn down the knuckle too far
worn down

city of strangers, you seem so tired to me
don’t think i’ll stay here, you don’t seem friendly
i’ll keep on moving, searching for peace of mind
rivers unwinding maybe i’ll find it this time
so long, so long
so long

live from my suitcase, my life’s within my hands
sleep in a strange bed, hometown’s a foreign land
down, the knuckle too far

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