krak down lyrics – gwar

krak down!

your melted essence is my tool
and i appropriate your nugget jewel
chemically wrap around aroma
in the bathtub in a coma
getting drunk with earth’s elite
they wanna peel the skin off my feet
mold me, fold me, keep me silent
i get drunk, i get violent

chorus: i fill the pipe up
this is a krak down
i called up every pimp i know
i f*cked my life up
this is a krak down
i call for toxic overthrow

fall out of the rent-a-car
go and vomit on the ground
there’s the one who acts so p*ssed off
think i’ll go and c*nt my d*ck off


they run from me
i charge at sl*ts
i knock them down
stomp out their guts
tastefully arrange the piles
soaked in phlegm
and bathed in bile
building, burning, cops all scatter
big fat *ss is on the platter
you eyes are floating in my cup
f*ck your corpse
and get raped up

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