labores semper tecum lyrics – deathbringer

satan: “me miserable! which way shall i fly
infinite wrath, and infinite despair?
which way i fly is h*ll; myself am h*ll…”
[john milton]

in the vortex of fire i move through the countless
flock of the godforsaken ones to the stage, which
reminds me
a block.

i see remains of their eyes flowing down their cheeks.
crack of their skin deafens me.
the waves of sufferings and pain are washing me.

my wail of comp*ssion drowns in the tongues of flame.
hundreds of strings tighten me –
immaculate harvester of mankind – the one to blame.

i scorn myself, contemplating what i’ve done with these
helpless beings
with their now, turned to none.

[solo: artyom]

i’m melting with poisonous smoke
i leak – i’m squashed shriek – i’m a flow.
i am bleeding with tears of flame, going into nothing,
to return in epochs again.


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