lady death is into hotrods and meth addicts lyrics – sabertooth zombie

two pounds of steel seated into his palm
four tons of steel seated under his b*lls
speeding tickets stuff his dash and box
tires loud and bald like an old man that talks and talks
apocalyptic visions of erotic nihilism flood his f*cking
a metal heart beats toxic blood through exploding veins
he’s having:
epic group s*x with hallow tips exaust and meth
c*mming on the disrobed chest of l*sty lady death
pig’s blood evaporate off blackened streets
as the p*ss*ng corpses melt into vinyl seats
lady death, i want your s*x.
lady death, i want your s*x.
when you live a long way out
you make your own fun
he’s painting the town red
with a big block and a gun
the gl*ss slices his body at the bottom of the cliffs
the blown speakers blast out orchestrated sh*t.

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