laments lyrics – endwell

f*ck your expectations/new breed manipulation
propagating “paradise”/and selling devastation
choirs of discontent/sing refrains inside my head
clearly im not fortunate/but i live with my mistakes
and the judgements that they bring/i’m reminded every
a man can only take so much/before his mind degenerates
before he can’t take his own face/before he exercises
choirs of discontent/sing refrains inside my head
so foolish/foolish to dream
i was the only one
so foolish/foolish to think
the stars were lining up/god smiling down on us
gave up a thousand times/but then i fell right back in
back to where the choices end/this cycle i can’t defend
i condescend
wake up and snap the f*ck out of this
half-*ssed desperate attempt
to fill the void within your head
to fill the void you created
d*mned from the start
now all the lights begin to fade
and the cameras cut away
all the actors leave the stage
the curtains falling back in place
suddenly antic*p*ting
that same haunting refrain
now with even greater haste
the swan begins to sing…
“im not afraid, im not afraid at all.
this reverie, a memory of when the sky was tall
and stars don’t fall
but they rained down til there was nothing left
in the heavens but the echoes of our questions.”
life is fleeting…
find a purpose/find a reason/make this worth it
life is fleeting…

“so often in the course of life’s fleeting years,
a single pleasure costs a thousand tears…”
[-francis william bourdillon ]

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