lamia lyrics – dominium

i want to touch you
when you take my clothes down
you’re my asylum

surround me
let my fingers find the way
burn baby burn

is this a spasm of pleasure?
or am i alien here?
is this what i want?

but we’re still apart
so close and so far
paradox forcing me to leave you

i’m not a toy
my ears can bear your lies no more
the things you told me, empty words
they castrate my soul
i know
you’re with
somebody else
i’m not
your marionette

here in my brain
you’re scr*w*ng again
pleasure of hate
makes me stronger

your voice hurts no more
i know you’re a wh*r*
the one to ignore
feel my anger

don’t tell me lies
depriving my mind
no mercy now
die, die, die, die!

“was tot uns nicht, macht uns starker”

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