last rites lyrics – troy ave

dope dealin n*gg*s is the pellicle
and i’m known to smoke it louder do
it’s bsb, who the f*ck is you?
my whole clique known to touch the two
n*gg*s want beef i turn em vegetable
please know who you steppin to
i hear you talk, go on, wutchu waitin for?
i swear i’m ready for the day we quirl
and i’m the one to prove your curtains due
and you don’t wanna get your curtains pulled
just know that everything i say be truth
i’m one of the illest of my illie crew
i love a b*tch that’s so beautiful
that b*tch is looking, say she beautiful
and she be lovin what us dealers do
and take a pardon all our meanest acts
as i sip on this red cup
the lord as my witness, i keep it super cool
it’s always r&s’in
it’s a shame that’s some fubu’s
go c*kamania and get chiddy bang
this the loud the drugs in the gang but powder sells the best

uh, alright alright
everything i’ve got in this world i owe to my mama and c*ke
shouts to brooklyn and good lookin b*tches who travel with dope boys
bsb, boy no more
yall getting money n*gg*
f*ckin b*tches too, my cologne’s my signature
clear up on the spot, jean polo boy
a n*gg* only fit god and the gabbles from the court
preacher wearin black, judge wearin black
haters weighin hoes from the shots out my strap
and i don’t wanna rap, i just do it for the hustle
i’m paper chasin and it’s the quickest way to get em off you
them meaning them people, them 3 letter evils
all the dirt that i done did, i know that i’m owed the needle, d*mn

this thing the movement, is more of a mentality
go against it if you choose and it’s gon be some fatalities
get down or lay down,
you lay down? then stay down
loyalty ain’t a game and this ain’t no f*ckin playground
stayin sucka free and being real with my crew
i’d ide for them n*gg*s and i’d kill for em too
cross my team once, it won’t be no round two
we put it down in the town, we did not f*ckin around crew
and we really not f*ckin around too
your body parts will get fell dude
100 shot to surround you
hitting you and all them n*gg*s that surround you

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