late bloomer lyrics – bouncing souls

i saw you walking past me just the other day,
another heartbeat with thoughts of yesterday
you looked the same, years are only time,
i still wonder why our hearts could never rhyme.
you stood beside me, you didn’t recognize me.,
funny how things never change.
and when you walked on by a memory surprised me,
smoking cigarettes, your girlfriends by the pool.
your smell i could not forget,
that’s as close as i could get
you were so f*cking cool.
i’m no good,
you’re no better,
wouldn’t we work together? x2
all i wanted was a piece of your heart,
you left me torn apart.
f*ck the rest before me and their crimes,
for your love i’ll serve their time
i’m no good,
you’re no better
wouldn’t we work together? x4
i’m no good,
you’re no betterx3 slow 3rd time

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