lay it down lyrics – boyz n da hood

gon turn this one up right here pimp if ya ballin in da club yall already kno

i lay this whole club down
(la la la la la la la la)
get ya hands up but i aint here to party
lay it down
(la la la la la la la la)
get ya hands up but i aint here to party [x2]

[young jeezy]
n*body move n*body get hurt
we came fo them n*gg*s that be off on that work
an it’s drought season n*gg*s lookin fo a reason
have to duck n*gg*s like it’s huntin season
ay i kno n*gg*s like you
f*ck boys an ho n*gg*s like u
ride wit the scope i call it the master
put it in they face dog to make they mind up faster
ay gimme all u got
but u can keep yalittle necklace an that bullsh*t watch (i aint got nothin man)
u bullsh*ttin me
u betta lay it down n*gg* like u mjg

[jody breeze]

‘chea i got the boyz from the hood wit me
plus i got a couple boys from my hood wit me
n*gg* an we aint playin we aint bullsh*ttin
let me see ya hands for it fell like bull hitcha
n*gg* we all g’s all hood n*gg*s
tote sh*t that’ll have yo whole hood n*gg*s
n*gg* stop cryin jus drop that
for errybody in tha club gettin popped back
its yo choice n*gg* live or die real or not
we gon make u feel tha fire
an still desire an ready to bust
so whateva u got n*gg* give to us


yall in tha club bobbin an weavin
im just tryna hit a lick an leave u slobbin an bleedin
hope u n*gg*s don’t thank that we teasin
its a drought on the street so that’s a good enough reason
so tha next time u n*gg*s wanna lean back
don’t be surprised to find a gat where ya spleen at
an i don’t need a solo stack this a team sack
if u don’t wanna get cracked where the cream at?
yea lil daddy please believe i need that
tha whole stack an throw ya boy the dro sack
i need u ballas face-down on the rug
i want u all b*tt-naked turn the(?) into a strip club

[big gee]

what if i ran in yo sh*t n*gg* beat u wit tha b*tt of the chrome
i beat ya wit the b*tt of the phone
i put ya arm behind ya back keep pushin til im crushin ya bone
or get some acid, iodine hardto pour on ya bone
don’t slip hack saw off tha fangertips
cut ya foots at the angles makin sure u dissapear
dental records can’t tell who u is
’cause ya whole skull gone nothin left but the ears
we lay the club down f*ck we rob fo real
got some standho n*gg*s like the mob fo real
got erasers in decatur a goon sqaud by mosey park
(this boyz n da hood)

[big gee]

lay the f*ck n*gg* this boyz n da hood

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