leave me lyrics – elan

i know it comes
as no surprise
that i
am so in love with you
when i think of us two
i start feelin’ blue
something that i’ve gotten used to
but lately
i must admit
times have been hard
put a strain and pain on my heart
as much as it hurts to say these words
i think that it’s best for you to

leave me
live your life
don’t worry
i will be alright
in no time
you’ll find someone
who’s better than i
go now
don’t you cry
i’ll always
be right by your side
maybe some day we’ll get another try

it seems as though
every time i speak
your name i get weak
cuz i imagine before i go to sleep
that you were right here with me
somebody told me
you can’t appreciate what you got until it is gone (can’t appreciate)
but they were so wrong
cuz i have cherished you
it’s just that i’m not the one you get


deep down inside
please hear me now
you expect so much
that’s why i’m hurting inside
and i don’t even
not at all
feel appreciated for my efforts girl
it feels like we’ve grown apart
and i don’t know if we could handle
the trouble
if not it’s gonna hurt me to see you


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