legacy of fears lyrics – domination black

the sky is turning grey, the blood is running on the snow
the ancient gods of war are watching as the soldiers bow
machine guns are singing the desperate songs of the frays
before the night has turned to day man is sure to pay

coldness and fear still embrace their minds
forevermore they will carry their lights
no chance to flee the deepest their lights
in the dark they keep running from the sudden death
endless war bringing endless fear and desperation
no way out for the prisoners of desolation
sentence coming on the greatest day of domination
cursing souls into the final depths of condemnation

angels of vengeance from beyond the realms of doom
choosing their pray, the judgement day will be here soon
in the dark you feel them near, through the air you hear
them call
the touch of cold and silent death, just wait until you

standing in the dark and frost with weakness taking over
freezing weapons, blackened minds, tired bodies getting
redemption for no others than the ones who fought their
through the darkest fears that haunt the lost minds still

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