lemonade freestyle lyrics – trey songz

[verse 1:]
better than the rest it’s the bester (songz)
only cause they expect nothing lesser (chuh)
and everytime i rap don’t you know i put em on (on on
i run the web like spiderman and u n*gg*s is venom
call me radio cause that’s exactly what i been on
fresh as watermelon so they sour like a lemon
lookin for my baby i’m just trynna get my slim on
first is on roids
i been tryna get my gym on
notoriously big so she trynna get her kim on (on on on
what! come on)
i ain’t the one to front on yo cd is probably what
n*gg*s break they blunt on she on it riding
you call her tell her come home put it silent then she
got her dumb on head gone come on

trigga hit the stage with a fresh cut
jeezy hit the stage and the sets up
jigga hit the stage and the crowd go crazy, i’m
thinking got d*mn i made it (come on)
but still i’m on grind like some bad breaks
cause i remember the time i was last place
i tell you i’m the illest, i’m a drill to you feel it
never had to tell me (get up off ya *ss trey)

[verse 2:]
brown b*tts no ash tray
surround trey down trey
05 no lie livin lavida loca
time for slippers my initials all in em
and i ain’t even wore em
flip flops jordan
no input necessary found another beat to berried
i heard the weekend scary
whispering like wish it scary
you n*gg*s age like country ham
i’m out of this world, your stuck in one country d*mn
i give you the benni that’s short for the benefit
i’m goin hard cause they all temidness
i bend the sh*t
now we know i ain’t invent the sh*t
but i’m the only one who could sing it just like i
meant the sh*t
got the truck take the whip thinking about the money
that i’m fend to get
so don’t get in my way
no one’s exempt to this


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