let it go lyrics – boomtown rats

my friend she’s on fire
she’s burning like a juniper tree
she don’t know what to do
but i do
’cause she do it to me
let it go let it go

it’s not nice to be like ice
it’s much better if you feel like fire
yes there’s a bad moon coming up
and i can see it’s on the cusp
electric winds are shrieking up in the wires
but it’s a warm evening out
it feels like new orleans blue
on the spray from the african sh*r*
oh we could make it coast to coast
she said “ain’t that the most?”
but i could tell she’d heard it all before
let it go let it go
let it shine down on me

is this a love affair or is this a crime
is this religion without priests, prayers or pews
this is the view from the left-over shelf
this is the punchline and the joke’s on you
i don’t need her kissy lips
i don’t need her armies or her pearls
i fell asleep and dreamed of far off lands
when i awoke i nearly married that girl
let it go let it go

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