let it out freestyle lyrics – phace

let it out freestyle:

verse 1 :
in this rap game i dont need a f*ckin benz / born alone die alone it’s me
to the end / is it complex is it hard to digest ? / like i give a f*ck that you
think you got next / i’ll put my life on it , i’m accepting all bets / you can
probably fill my shoes but couldn’t take a step / soon as you lift ya leg,
you’ll die from the stress / i’m letting it all out cause there’s really nothing
less / it wont stop dont make me run to the gun shop / wave a gat in ya
face for proof of a mug shot / truthfully all y’all rappers are the same / i
wanna see you strain for saying you can harbor my pain / ungggh you
can’t do it how i do it / you only write tracks motherf*cka i’m music / you
can feel my heart all up in the bars / and that’s why you sound crazy
n*gg* where’s y’alls ?

verse 2 :
now my life is in shambles i can’t find peace / a normal day to me is a
nightmare on elm st. / help me , find a better route / i’m tired of hostility
and sick of the doubts/ just when they thought i was down for the count /
i came back in this b*tch ready for another round / duck the pound, lick a
shot , then we duff’em out / got an ambulance for any man that doesn’t
joust / don’t f*ck with phaceless he hates you / the same fire you play
with’ll cremate you / looking for a crack in the wall tryna break thru /
there’s nothing in this world that’s gonna stop me from being true / i see
these haters and spot’em from a far / when my squad gets involved they
don’t want no probs / from bricks to taiwan i culture shock like cattle
prods / all praises due to the most high n*gg* past the bong !

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