let me in lyrics – copywrite78

* women asked how many times i practiced promiscuity
that depends…before or after i hit p*b*rty?
i was six watchin hoes slob
the dough mom gave the babysitter also covered the bl*w j*b
older cousin’s tongue bathed the b*lls
i confess, i was molested at seven. no complaints at all
and if i did complain, it’s when she’d give me brain
and teeth scr*pe my d*ck like a dog playing frisbee games
when i pay for sn*tch, i’ll eat a cat’s bleedin
and keep the reciepts as a write off for tax season
i’ll take your slore home,
let her pick her favorite thong,
play dj and have her suck me off to her favorite song
make sure the handycam is on
f*ck a threesome, i’m takin you, your mom, your niece and your granny on
and any other family member with t*ts and a c*nt
whip my d*ck out at the reunion like…”is this what you want?”

if it’s a d*ck you want, i got inches
if it’s a chick you want, i got b*tches
whether lesbian, or the best of friends
you can spread your legs open and let me it

what’s a nice girl like you doin suckin my c*ck?
or gettin pulled over for speedin and f*ckin a cop?
whether you loved it or not, you still did it to get out of a ticket
now suck my d*ck before i beat the sh*t outta you with it
want a milkshake? suck the sh*t out and you’ll get it

six four and i’ll f*ck the sh*t out of a midget
lived out most men’s dreams when i was seventeen
been through more sh*t than most p*rn stars ever seen

i’m not sure which b*tch to bone next
i got at&t operators callin me for phone s*x
i’ll make you get wet, c*m til you smile and moan
and once i bust a nut all you’ll hear is a dial tone
imagine me givin one sh*t about a dumb b*tch
coulda wrote a book t*tled ‘one million and one cl*ts’
to which of you b*tches am i givin it to?
when they get to know me first i’m diggin you…now
let me stick my d*ck in you

repeat chorus x’s 2

in the middle of the night,
pillow fight,
with a widow and a dyk*
dress up as the ex-husband with the widow on the right
to my left is the dyk*,
as i bite on the nipple of her t*t,
pushed the widow’s head to nibble on her cl*t
tape it and sell it off the net
for a b*tch mad i did it without consent, you’re awfully wet
got hoes suspicious. even one peg leg b*tches
after i came, f*cked em with they own leg
they ain’t know the difference
your c*nt’s wet and your pants are soaked with it
i don’t discriminate, even cancer hoes get it
so open up, i’ma cram your throat with it
i want you to suck just like the antedote’s in it
all you strong women claimin queen to the universe,
i’ll fill you with kahlua and cream on your newest skirt
so the moral of the story
is you ain’t gettin backstage if you ain’t givin oral in a orgy

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