let the dead bury the dead lyrics – count raven

you are an *sshole, you’re the worst kind of worm
that have crawled out of the ground
your existence i’m sorry to say is everywhere
on the new job & on the beach, i find you there
the antichrist is born of a jackal they say
it seems that you’ve been born the same way

i can tell that you didn’t plan to go far
i just want to know, who the h*ll you are

you suck the bosses d*cks, a sad shape
you put the poor ones down, a human fake
your whole life is a masquerade
all you are looking for: a better grade

the whole creation knows, you’re satan’s slave
who doesn’t realise his sorrow & pain
a child of the grave

i tell you there ain’t no use in denying
life’s short & one day you are dying
then you stand trial to the maker
what will you say to the giver & taker
you believe the lies that fills your head
all i say is let the dead bury the dead

i’ll tell what will be, your biggest fear
no one will remember your name
you weren’t here

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