let them die lyrics – impulse manslaughter

black darkened streets, walls of decay
“why do they have to live this way?”
show em lots of pity and give em support
“they can’t help the way they are”
take a life for a buck, maybe for kicks
“they don’t know what they do”
let em off with a warning, just a slap on the wrist
they’ll be back again
they blame it on the streets
“they’ve had it so bad”
“much worse off than most”
“so give em another chance”
rather join a gang than to make a stand
for their own ident*ty
stupid violence justifies a stupid cause
just an excuse for stupid minds
know they’ll get away with murder whatever they do
why should they have to fear?
the lawyer knows his stuff, the mother sheds a tear
probation for a year
a symbol of power
it’s just a joke!
when will it end?
i’d rather see em dead!

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