letter to the north star lyrics – hot tuna

winter’s been a long, long time
summer’s here again
i’ve been trying to make you mine
since i don’t know when

the way your soul can let you fly
makes me love you more
spirit flowing into mine
what i’m living for

so don’t hold back, little baby
when i reach out to you
i’m doing my best to bring you ’round
swing you into view

so i can better see your face
and you can look at mine
and we can feel each other move
together down the line

one more time i’m asking you
let this moment be
all our lives can intertwine
till eternity

please don’t let your pride run free
make the past go by
there’s a place out there for us
if we only try

with what we got together now
rest ain’t hard to do
you can’t see it, it ain’t no jive
all my love for you

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