lick em up lyrics – big bad benjo

(feat. hamalik)
everybody in da house let me ask you one question:
are you ready to lick to vitalik?
cause vitalick is gonna lick for f*ckin d*ck!
say lick! (lick)
malick (lick)
cause when it comes to licking face big bad benjo is the ace
common start to lick cause it’s the night of hamalick!
welcome everybody do thehouse of pordan we’ll blow up your mind like “hura
mafadan” so get on your face and start to lick cause today is the day of vitalick hamalick
yeah (yeah!)
lick (lick)
lick lick lick is the sound of vitalick cause when it comes to sucking d*ck vitalick is gonna
lick and lick and lick
thank you!!!
say bad
and pull your hemmoroides!
lick lick lick lick lick lick

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