lies irae lyrics – dope stars inc

i want to leak the name of eternal wrath
i want to leak the name of a new era
thousand connections showing us the way
we’re breaking anyway like a sewer rat
of any trick we save every little track
like in a stone are written everyday

we are living just to surf, cut, copy, paste
we are connected through our cybersp*ce
and every chatroom is the mother base
we know you’re quick to hide and cover up the facts
but we discover all of your hidden tracks
we’re changing all the rules of the game!

we’re gonna win this game
gonna make bigs raids
in your network of rage

wake up
this is not a sick war game
gonna leak some famous names
never we can just forget again
gonna be the leak of this age
wake up
this is not a sick war game
failure of their entire reign
time is to react
lightening the dark
spreading revolution in the parks

we are a generation of terabytes
we have no leaders, just our crazy hives
we’re gonna win this fight in any way
you want to be a part of the new era
and we no longer listen to your lies
we don’t believe in anything you say!

we’re gonna hack their base
we’re the truth to face
peer-to-peer cybersp*ce

wake up
you’ve already slept too long
stand up.
fighting for the news we own
speak up
everybody has the right to know
back up
leaking everything ’til they blow
shout out!
we are 10.000 voices strong
knock the virus out of the core
speak up
future will advance
watch their world collapse
our digital freedom has to last

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