life beyond lyrics – deathrow

at the intensive station
pulled down window shades
the infirm beat of the heart
the recollection is coming fast
one funny weekend, one of these days
we drunk ’till we fell
this drinking-cup was very cheap
but you’ll pay with death

say goodbye to your friends
say goodbye to all you love
this is a one way street you can’t go back
this is the way it happens day by day
say goodbye and die

drugs today are nothing special
you say it opens your mind
but i see what really happens
you loose your job
you loose your friends
out on the street you lay on the ground
they point the finger at you

the family left
the ability lost
n*body cares
what’s up to you
say goodbye and die

dealers don’t care
all they want is money
life and death
is a foreign word
dealers with hearts of stone
dealers they let you fall
drugs put you down
so say goodbye and die

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