life will find a way lyrics – reinxeed

welcome onboard to this trip, now i will show you
you won’t believe your eyes and everything will change
for you
they ruled the earth for many millions years ago, we
so please be seated when i show you history

when the magic flies, down from the bluest sky
see all the creatures try to come alive

all of our stories turns into lies,
cause out from the ashes now they will rise
in a moment they’re gone, still in the dark you hear
them crawl
so life, life will find a way
this is the point to how far we can go

this park has surely brought back history to life again
spared no expense, this park will soon be opened up for
we always thought that we were highest of the animals
but now we run away before we end up dead

we cannot avoid, they should all be destroyed!
run for your life when dinos comes alive

now you’ll find our history is not what you have been
where not far away from the promised land
but where we go life will find a way

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