light up a candle lyrics – kasey chambers

you call me baby with that look in your eye
a poster child for the mojo fly
you click your fingers and they fall at your feet
well i’m drivin’ home but it ain’t your street
i wont be cryin’ in the middle of the night
no countin’ sheep and the bugs wont bite
fresh as a daisy when i wake up in the morn
it wasn’t yesterday that i was born

light up a candle and let it burn out
you say forever and i say for now

it’s not a wheelin’ and dealin’
its just feelin you out
and baby i don’t need you around

well you say your loves as deep as a bottomless hole
your promise you’ll keep until your blood runs cold
you’ll tell me i’m the only one in your world
but i know you say that to all the girls

(chorus x2)
no baby i don’t need you around, no baby i don’t need you around

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