lighthouse lyrics – hush sound

take what you need while there’s time.
the city will be earth in a short while-
if i’m not mistaken it’s been in flames.
you and i will escape to the seaside.

there is a storm in the distance,
the wind breathing warning of it’s imminence.
there is a lighthouse five hundred yards down;
you and i will be safe there.

there is a girl who haunts that lighthouse.
she saved me, i was swimming,
so young i almost drowned.
under the water she sang a story
of losing her lover-
she calls a warning…

love, you are foolish, you’re tired;
your sleeplessness makes you a liar.
the city is burning,
the ocean is turning,
our only chance is the lighthouse.

her lover was a sailor-
she went and she waited there,
the door locked from the outside.
lover never arrived so she sings there,
soft as a siren luring the ships off their course, how alarming…

we went in, we climbed up, and looked out.
the door locked from the outside,
three ghosts in a lighthouse…

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