lightning strikes (not once but twice) lyrics – clash

now lightning strikes in old new york
it may be dark but i wanna talk
it might rain, it might snow
too many things that i got to know
if this is spring then it’s time to sing
never mind the lil’ birdies wing
look out, look out, old new york
new york’s coming an’ new york talks
hey, strike! not once
strike! but twice
get out your money, peel a slab
roll some notes an’ hail a cab
drive in church drive in back
drive down seventh in a tank
take in the sights, feel the breeze
see new york’s one and only tree
it can be found in garbage park
but don’t inspect it after dark
strike! new york! lightning!
not once but twice
accidental hike in the transit strike
roller skate or ride a bike
three to a car, brooklyn bridge
you won’t get far if you’re privileged
graffiti jack sprays in black
an englishman, can he read it back?
deli joe he ought to know
he runs the gang on pastrami row
strike! lightning
because gl*ss to gl*ss, street to street
buildings touch st. peter’s feet
from car to bar, from prez to shah
everything is in the jar
4 winds blow ’cause the 4 winds know
takes a special hustle to make a roll
honey girl on her feet
i wish everything to make her sweet
strike twice
okay so roll
from harlem, strike one
lightining strike
harlem slum to penthouse block
on every door i already knocked
there wasn’t anybody that i didn’t leave alone
somebody lying under every stone
everything that a man could need
is in a bag down by my knee
that looks good, this ain’t got seeds
cheaper than booze down in the bowery
lightning strike! old new york!
everything’s light! strike!
hey ho, such a night
i’ll see y’all when the lightning strike
a polaroid caught in the act
you’re married too and that’s a fact
but i won’t peek and i won’t squeak
down by the trucks on christopher street
it’s cuban day, oi vey
chinese new year let’s call it a day
[incomprehensible] lightning strike! yeah
tootsie! [incomprehensible]
stike! lightening! yeah
hey chi man that melody is puerto rican
hey chi man is what he’s speaking
an’ there’s the road down into london town
where many cars get broken down
it’s the westway from ladbroke grove
runs down to old hounslow
just thought i’d mention the new extension
that run’s down the 59th street intersection
did you hear the news y’all?
london town on the broadway

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