like you are lyrics – epitome of frail

don´t denie, what you are! your own spirit, is drifting
away so far!
don´t denie, your own way! because this game, is
dangerous to play!

like you are!

i see how you act, i hear what you say,
i know what you think, but that´s not your way!
i know that´s not you! the person i like!
i look at your face, and i want to strike!


everywhere we are, i see what you do!
i see like you are and i know that´s not you!
you do things you´ve never done before!
you make the clown, and hope to score!

like you are! no!

and it´s the f*cking like you are!

it´s awful to see, how you change,
what do you want, you are so strange!
you are talking, all the time,
and face the world, with thousands of lies.


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