lime green lyrics – diesel boy

i think i’ll go for a walk outside the sun is out it’s a beautiful day i =
love to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face cheap thrills =
come easy these days at least that’s what i’m told well it sure beats =
watching tv and just sitting around growing old can’t help but smile =
when i’m on happy street big rows of houses and concrete maybe you care =
maybe you don’t just don’t think too much i think i’ll go outside for a =
walk its a nice day, the sun is shinning the birds chirp and the gr*ss =
grows green the clouds above me have a silver lining i think i’ll take a =
nap underneath my favorite tree sometimes its the simple things in life =
that makes me happy i think i’ll sleep here all day until the sun goes =
down tonight so if you p*ss me on the street don’t wake me up, i’m =
alright i wonder if someones out there somewhere shares with me today =
the joys of happy street and feeling like a king

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