limen lyrics – dominium

it’s like a waiting bomb
your voice is cursing me now
it makes me guilty

take me alive
you know i’m not afraid
and i don’t want to hide
here comes the thunder

let me go
i’m feeling like a freak
i don’t know how to talk to god
like leaves in the wind
we’re fighting together
we’ve always been apart

it’s like a clenching loop
another strangulation
sadistical overdose

stay for a while
i’m afraid of the dark
and bite me now
i must go to my rose

i’m falling down
i have a one-way ticket

look at me
what do you see?
something made my body d*mned

it’s like a guest
but it isn’t him
this infection’s controlling me

all the legions in my veins
sing the anthem of my pain
they’re besieging me

who am i?
i know the price
there’s no return from this hole

all the weakness i defy
turns to be my last ally
it’s deluding me

so it begins
the patmos dream
the vindictive hand of god

no compromise
we have no time
ending up in boiling water

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