limes inferior lyrics – neolith

as above it continuum
so below it shapeless lava
sealed lips for the starving
hoax of the knowing
limes inferior
picture of perfection in mirror
reflecting vicious marks of hide and seek
limes inferior
i left and get downed to hide
i am the wizard condemned
i transport you to brave new world
i fix the justice machine
limes inferior
shadows pray to have enough
and you stay hand cuffed
every truth is a hoax
waste not so much strength
bury the key
bury yourself

one of the most intriguing theories concerning christ’s
death, based upon serious and thorough studies says it
is very probable christ survived his crucifixion as he
seemed too important to die at the time and thus he was
replaced by some other man, quite possibly known to
christ himself.
princeless knowledge can be obtained from the qumran
scrolls. but can it really?

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