limitless satisfice lyrics – damian mackle

its just never enough,
we’re always wanting more,
its just never enough,
we can never be happy,
its just never enough,
we have no limit to desire,
its just never enough,
we have limitless satisfice!

possession derived from obsession,
ambitions leading to desire,
we take all we can get,
yet we are still wanting more…
life is unfulfilled,
mony becomes priorety,
l*st leading envy,
we become greedy to the core!

it becomes our nature,
l*sting after objects,
having greed run through our bones,
success it that of which we taunt,
money for belongings,
partners for s*x,
more and more and more,
there is no limit to our want

temptation gives in,
morals do part way,
we cannot say no,
everyone doth have their price..
luxuries become necessities,
no matter what form,
obsession does prevail,
enough doth not surfice!

we surp*ss needs,
take up fancies,
give in to the green,
gaining, thus becomes a ch*r*…
we cannot stop this,
it grows inside,
it plays on emotion,
all we want is more!

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